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About Rosa Maria


An award winning and published consultant who has worked with women and men of various ages since 1993, helping them "Always be the best YOU!" In today's world how you project yourself is greatly judged by those around you whether it's work or entertainment. People judge you on how you present yourself in those first 3 seconds of meeting you.

My goal is to help individuals always be their best, by helping them achieve an effortless and natural look that is timeless and enhances their style. This training will also help you save time and money, by knowing exactly how to shop.

My programs emphasize color, personal and professional clothing, style, clothing personality, business etiquette and communication. These will help you achieve a look of confidence while still living within your budget and give you that look of success. My programs can be designed for specific groups and ages.

My specialty is Color Analysis. I have been certified as a consultant by CTI - The Crowning Touch Institute, Universal Style International and AICI - Association of Image Consultants International. I am the Co-VP Membership for the AICI SFBA chapter & community liaison / Spanish and the incoming AICI SFBA Chapter President 2008 - 2009. I am an Associate member of CDI - Colour Designers International and FGI - Fashion Group International.

Continually taking courses and attending conferences throughout the US helps me maintain my certification, keep current on changing trends and to better serve my clients. These are all a vital asset in today's changing trends and market.

Thank you for inquiring about my services. I look forward to helping you create a look that's "Always being the best You!" and works with your lifestyle. It's a great joy to save money by no longer making those expensive mistakes!

Take care & God Bless!
Rosa Maria

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